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Upscales is a Catering Company

Upscales Catering specializes in Neo-Southern Cuisine, Soul Food. Established in 2008 we have proven to be an Industry Leader providing full service emergency catering with customized menus and made from scratch meals for disaster workers, victims, and evacuees in times of state and national emergencies.

The Recipes

have been Passed Down through Four Generations and Today because of Her Grandmothers Teaching the Family Legacy Lives on. With a Passion for Cooking and Baking Big Mom Always Insisted on Using the Freshest Organic Ingredients Right from the Garden Out Back. Always Cooking from Scratch and Never Using Anything Artificial.

Chef KoKo, became Inspired

by her Grandmother “Big Mom” as a Young Child at the Age of Ten. Following in her Grandmother’s Footsteps After Receiving Formal Culinary Training as a Chef the Family Recipes were Recreated with a Modern Twist and Upscales Catering was Born.